1. 常考片語

1. accuse+人+of+罪名=charge+人+with+罪名 (控告某人犯…)
The police accused him of murder.


2. apply for:申請
John has decided to apply for admission (入學許可) American university.


3. above all:尤其重要的是
Be careful on your trip. Above all, don’t drink and drive.


4. get along with:相處
He is so selfish (自私的) that nobody likes to get along with him.


5. be addicted to:沈迷於
Some children are addicted to watching TV all day long.


6. bring about:引貣,造成
Drink and driving has brought about many accidents.


7. bring up:養育;提出
The professor brought up a problem about water pollution.


8. become of:發生
No matter what becomes of you, I’ll support you.


9. be based on:以…為基礎
The drama (戲劇) is based on a short story.


10. come into being:產生,開始存在
No one knows how such an idea came into being.


11. consist of (=be composed of = be made up of):由…組成,包含
The committee (委員會) consists of ten members.


12. cope with:處理;應付
It needs great patience (需要極大的耐心) to cope with our social problems.


13. call for:要求,需要

Kevin is calling for this document for the meeting.

14. call up:打電話
I called up Smith and reminded him of the meeting.


15. call off:取消
Because his wife was sick, he called off the trip to Europe.


16. carry on:持續
They carried on their discussion until midnight.


17. drop in:順逆拜訪
On his way home (在他回家途中) , he dropped in on us.


18. distinguish A from B (=distinguish between A and B):區別A與B
Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between right and wrong.


19. depend on (=count on =rely on):依靠,依賴
All living things depend on water, air, and sunlight.


20. dress up:打扮得很漂亮
The woman dressed up in the wedding. (婚禮)


21. do away with:廢除
The government (政府)should do away with obsolete laws(過時的法律)


22. have an effect (influence) on:對…產生影響
His philosophy (哲學) had a great effect on education.


23. embark on:開始
He decided to embark on a new way of life.


24. be fed up with:厭煩,受過了
We are fed up with your complaints(抱怨)。


25. fix up:修理;孜裝;孜排
He fixed up the meeting.


26. for good:永遠地
Do you really want to close the company for good ?


27. go with:相配
He bought a new tie (領帶) to go with his suit.


28. hear from:接到…的書信
I haven’t heard from him for a long time.


29. hand in:交出
The teacher asked us to hand in our papers (報告) in two weeks.


30. be at home:熟悉於,精通於
Professor Dick is at home in our papers (報告) in two weeks.


31. let on:透露,洩漏
It’s a secret;please don’t let on to anyone.


32. lay off:解雇
Many workers are laid of because of economic depression (經濟蕭條).


33. look after (=take care of):照顧
Who is going to look after the children?
take after:像


34. make up:偏造;化裝;補(課、考、修等);和解
Uncle Mark enjoys making up interesting stories for his kids.


35. at odds:爭吵
The couple are always at odds about trifles (瑣事).


36. off and on:斷斷續續
During the past week it has rained off and on.


37. put aside (=put away):儲蓄
You should put some money aside every month.


38. put up with:忍受
I could not put up with his behavior any longer.


39. prohibit…from:禁止,使…無法
The boss prohibits his workers from smoking in the office.


40. result from:貣因於 result in (= lead to):導致

 Eating too much often results in illness.


41. suffer from:遭受…之苦
The crops (農作物) suffer from a blight (病蟲害)


42. show up:出現
Did he show up last night?


43. set up:建立,成立
He set up many schools for the poor.


44. stand for:代表
ROC stands for the Republic of China.


45. stay up:熬夜不睡
Robert stayed up until two o’clock in the morning for his final exam.


46. stick to:堅持,遵循
Drivers should stick to traffic regulations(交通規則)。


47. strike up:開始
The lawyer (律師) struck up a talk with his client (顧客)


48. in season:盛產期;應時的
Fruits are cheapest in season.


49. at stake:緊要關頭
He recused (救) the boy at stake.


50. take in:接受;理解;欺騙
The students could not take in his meaning.


51. take on:從事(某工作),雇用
After graduation, he plants to take on journalism.(新聞業)


52. turn in:交出;上床睡覺
I’m very tired, and I think I’ll turn in now.


53. take turns:輪流
The students take turns cleaning up the classroom.


54. use up:用光
He has used up all of his money.


55. in vain:沒結果,白費力氣
We tried to persuade (說服) him not to go, but in vain.


56. work out:想出,了解
It takes time to work out this complicated (複雜的) math problem.


57. What…for:為什麼;作什麼用
What did you buy this for?


58. when it comes to:一談到
The kids were excited when it came to eating ice cream.


59. wear out:穿破,用舊;使疲憊
After a day’s work, he was really worn out.


2. 片語介系詞


  1. according to「根據;依照」
  2. in front of「在……前面」
  3. ahead of 「在……之前」
  4. in honor of 「表示敬意;紀念」
  5. along with 「與……一起」
  6. in proportion to 「按……比例」
  7. as for 「至於」
  8. in spite of 「儘管;不顧」
  9. as regards「關於」
  10. in the event of 「如果;設若」
  11. because of 「因為」
  12. in the face of 「面對;面臨」
  13. by means of 「藉由」
  14. instead of 「代替;不……而」
  15. by way of 「經由」
  16. on behalf of 「代表」
  17. due to 「由於」
  18. on the part of 「在……方面」
  19. for the sake of 「為了」
  20. owing to 「由於;因為」
  21. in accordance with 「遵照」
  22. prior to 「在……之前」
  23. in case of 「萬一;倘使」
  24. regardless of 「不顧;不管」
  25. in charge of 「負責;管理」
  26. thanks to 「幸虧;由於」
  27. in compliance with「依從;順從」
  28. with a view to 「為了要」
  29. in favor of 「贊成;支持」
  30. with respect to 「關於」

3. 動詞介系詞


  1. account for 「對……有責任;說明」
  2. divide into 「分成」
  3. aim at 「瞄準」
  4. embark on 「著手;從事」
  5. amount to 「相當於;等於」
  6. fit into 「吻合;調和」
  7. ascribe (sth.) to 「歸因於;歸咎與」
  8. focus on 「聚焦於」
  9. begin with 「以……開始」
  10. invest in 「投資」
  11. concentrate on 「專注於」
  12. participate in 「參加」
  13. consist of 「由……組成」
  14. pay for 「為……付出代價」
  15. contrast with 「形成對照」
  16. plan on 「打算」
  17. contribute to 「對……有貢獻」
  18. prepare for 「為……做準備」
  19. cope with 「對付;處理」
  20. recover from 「從……康復」
  21. deal with 「處理;應付」
  22. rely on 「依靠;倚賴」
  23. decide on 「決定」
  24. respond to 「對……作回應」
  25. dedicate (oneself) to 「奉獻」
  26. result from 「由……造成;起因於……」
  27. depend on 「依靠;視……而定」
  28. result in   「導致;造成」
  29. devote (oneself) to 「獻身」
  30. subscribe to 「訂閱 (報章、雜誌等)」

4. 形容詞介系詞


  1. accustomed to 「習慣於」
  2. familiar with 「對……熟悉;與……熟識」
  3. acquainted with 「與……相識」
  4. afraid of 「害怕」
  5. filled with 「充滿」
  6. angry at 「對事生氣」
  7. identical to 「與……完全相同」
  8. angry with 「對人生氣」
  9. inferior to 「劣於」
  10. attached to 「附著於;隸屬於」
  11. married to 「娶了……;嫁給……」
  12. next to 「緊臨;僅次於」
  13. aware of 「知道的;察覺的」
  14. pleased with 「對……感到高興」
  15. based on 「以……為基礎;基於」
  16. related to 「與……有關;與……有親戚關係」
  17. capable of 「有……的能力」
  18. close to 「接近」
  19. responsible for 「為……負責」
  20. connected with 「與……有關連」
  21. satisfied with 「對……滿意」
  22. similar to 「與……相似」
  23. different from 「與……不同」
  24. suitable for 「適合於」
  25. disappointed in 「對人失望」
  26. superior to 「優於」
  27. disappointed with 「對事失望」
  28. skilled in 「熟練與」
  29. engage in 「從事於;忙於」
  30. tired of 「對……感到厭倦」

Author: POKUYO