Chinese Personal Pronoun & Relatives in Mandarin_中文人稱代名詞&親戚 (Learn Chinese 學中文)


How to say Chinese Personal Pronoun and Relatives in Mandarin?
Personal Pronoun include I, you, she, he, they, we, and it. Learning Chinese relatives is difficult and easy confuse. For example, uncle means “the brother of someone’s mother or father, or the husband of someone’s aunt or uncle” but in Chinese uncle has several means and pronounce such as 姑丈, 舅舅, 姨丈, 叔叔, 伯父, 叔父。How to say other relatives in Mandarin?
中文親戚名稱既複雜又難學, 讓我們一起學習如何稱呼親戚吧!

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